#MotivationalMonday Week 3

Post #10

Rise and shine ! Happy Monday everyone!

Today’s post is going to be about positivity. Life is like a game and most of it is mental. We can blame other’s for things that happen to us or shut down when things don’t go our way. Though, we need to learn to take responsibility and take control of our own life. That starts with our mind. Instead of being negative when something bad happens, try having a positive outlook on the situation. There are always going to be obstacles and whether we triumph or fail, we need to take every opportunity as a chance to learn. Adversity brings out new talents and helps us discover who we are. With a optimistic perspective on life, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

I challenge all of you to stay positive this week. It’s difficult at first and a skill that many lack, but it will become a habit and part of your life. Not only are you making yourself happier, but you’re going to spread joy and strength to those around you.

Smile, keep your head held high, and enjoy your week!

xoxo Kerstin

P.S. Everyone should read Mind Gym. It’s one of my favorite novels and has helped me become a more positive person.



#MotivationalMonday Week 2

Post #9

Hey guys!

It’s already Monday. Or maybe for some of you “it’s still Monday…”

Either way, we all made it through our first week of school! I’m sure many of you are bombarded with hours of homework and committed to sports and clubs everyday. This can get a little exhausting while trying to juggle a social life on top of your much needed “me time”.

One thing we all need to remember: Monday means the start of a whole new week, new opportunities, new achievements, and new mistakes. Who said it’s going to be easy? If you screwed up last week, learn from those mistakes and use this week to improve. The challenges in our lives help shape the people we are today. And let’s be honest. Without those annoying teachers and all nighters finishing up projects, everyday would be pretty boring. Without the struggles, we wouldn’t appreciate the blissful days as much as we all do!

“The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.”  

xoxo Kristine