#MotivationalMonday Week 7

Post #14

Have you ever felt so stressed that you just wanted to give up? Just let go of everything ? Wouldn’t that just be the easy thing to do? We have all been there at some point in our life and whether you are a student or parent, we can all relate to this. It always seems like we have a endless list of things to do and the trick to de-stressing is prioritizing.

1) Be organized. Have a list of everything you want to accomplish in a notebook, agenda or on your calendar.

2) Prioritize your list! Understand when you need to finish each task.

3) Focus. Steadily go through each thing you need to accomplish and before you know it, you’ll be done!

4) Celebrate! Once you finish one thing you need to accomplish, treat yourself to a bath, a show, indulge in some treats, or whatever else you would like. This gives you a little break before you conquer your next task. This is a really important step because no one has a infinite attention span, so clearing your mind or 30 min to a hour will help you reenergize. Your mind & body will love you and you’ll be surprised how fast you finish everything on your list.

5) Repeat. These 5 simple steps will save you! They may seem cliche, but they are the keys to success. Try it this week and let me know how it goes in the comments!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

xoxo Kerstin



#Motivational Monday Week 6

Post #13

Hey Everybody!! It’s Monday again!! Another week filled with school, sports and clubs. With so much going on, it’s easy to lose track of why you’re doing all the things you are doing. One of my coaches told us a quote today at practice, and I think that it definitely applies to EVERYONE. “Short-term success gives you a small taste of happiness. Overall happiness gives you long-term success.”  I think that the most important thing we can take from this is that nothing is worth your time if you are not enjoying yourself and truly care for it. In everything we do, successes here and there will give you bits and pieces of happy moments that don’t last very long. However being happy about what you do is the key to bring you the success we need in life. On that note, school may be a drag but think about the positive aspects of it and try to be a little more optimistic everyday! It will make you excited and eager to start off a new day in the morning, and the perks of success will automatically come to you! xoxo Kristine

#MotivationalMonday Week 2

Post #9

Hey guys!

It’s already Monday. Or maybe for some of you “it’s still Monday…”

Either way, we all made it through our first week of school! I’m sure many of you are bombarded with hours of homework and committed to sports and clubs everyday. This can get a little exhausting while trying to juggle a social life on top of your much needed “me time”.

One thing we all need to remember: Monday means the start of a whole new week, new opportunities, new achievements, and new mistakes. Who said it’s going to be easy? If you screwed up last week, learn from those mistakes and use this week to improve. The challenges in our lives help shape the people we are today. And let’s be honest. Without those annoying teachers and all nighters finishing up projects, everyday would be pretty boring. Without the struggles, we wouldn’t appreciate the blissful days as much as we all do!

“The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.”  

xoxo Kristine

#MotivationalTuesday Week 1

Post #8

Hello Lovelies! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! 

Today was my last first day of school. It’s my senior year! Where did the time go??? 

First, I want to apologize for my late post. It is only the first day of school, but I am already swarmed with homework, clubs, and sports! 

Anyways, it always seems like we are running out to time to do all the things we plan to accomplish in a day. That is why, we frequently say that “time is money” and it essentially is! Within our busy schedules, we need to remind ourselves to stay calm because if we stay organized and are diligent with our work, we can achieve anything we believe in. That is why, my first motivational post includes a “Keep Calm” quote. I realize that is is cliche, but what makes it cliche is that it is relatable to every person. “Keep Calm” is a reminder to step away from a stressful situation, take a breather, and go back to work with a clear mind. 

My challenge to all of you this week, is to have a little “me” time. Whether it is just 5 minutes or an hour, relax and then refocus on your task. Your mind and body will love you for this! 

xoxokeep calm


Workout Tips

Post #2

Workout Tips!

For all of you out there trying to lose weight or just trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, here are a few simple tips to help you get started!
1) Changing the little things in your life will  result in the biggest improvements.
Drink lots of water! It’ll help boost your metabolism, and make you feel fuller before meals.  I try to carry a water bottle with me at all times so I’m constantly sipping on water.
-Instead of drinking juice, you might as well eat the actual fruit so you get the vitamins without the bad sugars! Also, cut the soda out of your diet! It does nothing good for you.
-When eating sandwiches, toss one side of the bread (1 serving is 1 slice!)
-THIS AMAZING APP! It’s called Fooducate, and it lets you track your meals throughout the day. It does all the calorie calculations for you and helps you stay on track!
 2) The hardest part about going to the gym…is GOING to the gym!
-When you’re looking for parking, park far away so you can get in that brief walk to the store
– Go on hikes, walks, even walking around at the zoo or aquarium counts! If your destination is within a walking distance, forget the car! Motivate yourself by getting a workout buddy!
Excercise. Try to fit in a trip to the gym every week. Listening to music or reading magazines help distract you from the workout.
– Once a week, indulge in your favorite treat, hard work comes with its benefits!
REMEMBER, losing weight does NOT happen overnight. It’s okay if you cheat! Everybody makes mistakes, but realizing your error is what sets you apart and keeps you on track for improvement!•