Stay Positive!

Post #7

School is starting in two days for most of us and I know that we’re all dreading waking up early and going to class at 7:30am! As much as I love school and learning new things, staying awake can be difficult especially if I was staying up late the night before trying to finish up a paper or studying for a test. 

That is why, I want to start weekly motivational posts! While senior year will keep me busy, I want to find some time to keep this blog going! What better way than doing  #motivationalmonday posts?! Not only will I be able to keep myself going through the week, but hopefully I will be able to help some of you get through the week too! My first post will be on Tuesday instead of Monday this week because school starts on Tuesday! I hope you guys enjoy this #motivationmonday series and enjoy Labor Day weekend 🙂

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”–Winston Churchill




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