Purikura Photobooth

Purikura Photobooths

Post #4

Roaming around Nordstrom, Kristine and I ran into a little Purikura booth in the BP section; and of course, we had to jump in and take a few pictures. We had a blast! Everyone should go find a purikura booth with their best friend! What better way to bond than taking silly photos with your bff and posting them all over social media and your wall?! It costed $5 and you get to take 6 photos, then decorate the pictures with stickers! The only downside was that it was all in Japanese and it did not give you that much time to decorate and choose backgrounds. Overall, it was such a fun experience and we will definitely do it again!



image image


“Best Friends – They know how weird you are and still choose to be seen with you in public”


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